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British troops introduce rubber bullets into their arsenal later in the year and the first British soldier is killed in the province since troops were brought in to aid the civil authorities.*The Treaty of Moscow is signed between West Germany and the USSR (ending the Hallstein Doctrine – see 1955 – and marking the first fruits of Chancellor Brandt’s policy of Ostpolitik – see 1969).Soon afterwards, treaties are signed with Poland (recognizing the Oder-Neisse line as the official border between Poland and East Germany) and other Eastern Bloc states.

Western governments, alarmed at the Cold War potential for the large birth rates of the Third World to produce masses of hungry people who may likely turn to communism, begin to promote sex determination as a means to control the exponential population increases of the developing nations.He embarks on a far-reaching program of populist political and economic reform, nationalising the mining and electrical industries, redistributing private land to peasants, opposing what he calls American “expansionism,” supporting the leftist Chilean leader Salvador Allende (see above), condemning Zionism, allowing the PLO to open an office in the capital, and imposing limits on foreign investment.However, his*Following the military government’s authority having diminished over time since Pakistan’s perceived loss in the most recent conflict with India (see 1965), free elections are held.Furthermore, in Eastern cultures a son is often preferred as an ‘asset’ since he can earn and support the family; a daughter is a ‘liability’ since she will be married off to another family, and so will not contribute financially to her parents.

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A combination of Eastern cultural traits favouring males over females and modern technology allowing for sex screening and diagnosing genetic diseases in foetuses leads to a social epidemic of sex selection in several (as well as Western foreign policy concerning population control – apart from China) sees a social epidemic of sex selective abortions occur from the early 1970s onwards.One estimate later asserts 160m girls have aborted in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea and Taiwan between 19.*French Marxist sociologist Henri Lefebvre (1901 – 1991) publishes La Révolution Urbaine (The Urban Revolution), in which he proposes that society is becoming completely urbanised and an ‘urban society’ is resulting from this ongoing and inevitable process of complete urbanisation.