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Their living interests demand that they should have the means of informing themselves about this vast institution, which, whether they are Catholics or not, affects their fortunes and their destiny.

As for Catholics, their duty as members of the Church impels them to learn more and more fully its principles; while among Protestants the desire for a more intimate and accurate knowledge of things Catholic increases in proportion to the growth of the Church in numbers and in importance.

The academic discipline focuses heavily on the study of God but also considers the study of religion by man. The one issue with trying to find a theology degree that costs nothing is that such degrees are few and far between.

The education you receive will be very dependent on the track within the discipline that you follow and the center offering the education. But because of the nature of the degree, you can often find a local church, seminary or similar institution to help sponsor your enrollment in a paid program if you cannot find an affordable option.

Scholarships - which are available for those interested in theology - can make any financial burden much easier.

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It would be fatuous to hope to call into immediate existence a Catholic English literature adequate to supply this knowledge and correct errors.

The Encyclopedia, therefore, is the most convenient means of doing both, enabling, as it does, the foremost Catholic scholars in every part of the world to contribute articles in the condensed form that appeals to the man of action, and with the accuracy that satisfies the scholar.

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Contributors have been chosen for their special knowledge and skill in presenting the subject, and they assume the responsibility for what they have written.

In constituting the Editors the ecclesiastical censors, he has given them a singular proof of his confidence and of his desire to facilitate the publication of the work which he has promoted most effectively by his influence and kindly co-operation.

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