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During that time, apartheid officers continually harassed Thabo’s mother, Johanna Bodibe, who remained in South Africa. The letter didn’t contain any vital information and there was no return address.

But it was enough for regime officers to burst into Johanna’s home, hold her at gunpoint, and demand that she divulge the location of Thabo’s training camp.

He worked his way up the ranks quickly, becoming an expert bomb-maker for the resistance, making dozens of Molotov cocktails and other explosives used to fight the apartheid regime.

Bodibe spent nearly two decades living in exile in Tanzania training APLA recruits.

Tyamzashe and thousands of others had fled South Africa and joined the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (APLA). He discovered he had a knack for chemistry when he was a high school student.

Prophet Kobus van Rensburg is anointed to teach the Word of God and heal the sick.Only the smoothness of his face betrayed his tender age.